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What is WorldOfSnake?

WorldOfSnake is a play-to-earn game where you can win in minutes and your winnings depend on your skill, strategy and just a little bit of luck. No big investment required, you can play for as little as $1 - so go ahead, try, practice and start earning/winning right away!
Currently Play-To-Earn is one of the fastest growing industries: the global Play-to-Earn Games market size is projected to reach USD 3618.4 million by 2028, from USD 755 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 21.3% during 2022-2028.

How to play

It's very easy to play - choose your snake, collect as many coins as possible and try not to hit an obstacle or another player's snake.

The main difference of WorldOfSnake from other Play-to-earn games is that players can start earning money right away by investing a very small amount of money and receive a profit in the first 5-10 minutes of gaming. Therefore, in 30-60 min a player has a chance to increase one’s investment by 100-300 percent.

It is so simple!

The game concept is very simple, so any novice player can intuitively understand how to navigate it and start earning money right away.

This game doesn’t have any losers!

About 80% -85% of players are going to bring home profit immediately after starting playing this game, and only those who have not yet understood how to play or do not have the right skill set can struggle to collect the coins. However, most of the losers start winning / making a profit very quickly (on the same day) as soon as they grasp the main game rules.

WOS and WOS Gem

WOS is a cryptocurrency token used in the game.

The WOS token was released in 2022 - for the convenience of investors, users, for the new World of Snake tokenomics, which will be more useful for players and allow the project to develop faster, and the project developers will have fewer rights and powers. , so the project will be more focused on users and less on developers/project owners. In the future, we plan to create conditions for the community of WOS holders to make decisions regarding the development of the game / project, expansion and new partners - thus, even the voices of small WOS holders will be valued when making important decisions for the company. Early investors may not be stressed - WOS will increase the value of their project tokens by increasing the demand for tokens! You can find more information about the WOS token and project tokenomics in the main menu under Token In-Game Payout Coin: WOS (Scheduled to release Q4 2022) = 1 USD. Financing Guarantee A coin is the contribution of the players to the game, as well as additional contributions from the shareholders of the project. An additional guarantee is that WOS will not be traded on the main crypto trading platform (not yet necessary). Therefore, WOS is a relatively transparent coin. More information will be provided to potential future project investors. WOS Gem Gaming Activity Reward Coin (Scheduled to release Q4 2022). WOS gems can be exchanged for WOS tokens.


2022 Q3 Soft launch countries: Pakistan, UAE, Nigeria, Uganda and Canada. Investors will be provided with a complete list of target countries and their respective partners/franchisors, along with the extensive action plan for the mentioned target countries.

Players will have a possibility to create Private Gaming Rooms which entitles them to receiving a percentage / commission on each game budget. Term ~ 1 month

We scheduled to launch Tournaments with a prize pool of up to $ 50,000. Term ~ 1.5 months. By the end of 2022 it is planned to have 10-50 tournaments per week, including sponsored tournaments and a WorldOfSnake championship with a prize pool of $ 1 million and many in between stages of the championship.

Partnering agreements with major smartphone brands and mobile service providing companies in Pakistan, Canada and other countries. Term ~ 3 months, will be continued and expanded continuously.

2022 Q4 Game monitoring features will be installed where it is possible to monitor the game "through the eyes of another player" or monitor the entire playing field with all players. These will be new advertising opportunities and new additional revenue for the WorldOfSnake project. Term ~ 3.5 months, will be constantly improved.

WorldOfSnake NFT Marketplace: various options of in-game snakes, armor and accessories, new hero-linked NFTs, etc. Game will provide prayers with the opportunities to buy, sell, share NFTs. Therefore, it will translate in an additional income and profit for the WorldOfSnake project. As it comes to the Investors, we will provide you with a special NFT collection.

An app is in the process and will be available in both: Apple Store and Google Play stores. Term ~ 3 months, will be constantly improved.

2023 Q1 The Betting platform will be connected to the WorldOfSnake game, allowing players around the world to bet on their chosen players and favorite teams. Term ~ 7 months. Negotiations are already underway to broadcast the game on giant screens in Pakistan’s supermarkets, concert halls and other public spaces where spectators will be able to watch the game and do bettings. Sponsors of these events (supermarkets, representatives of famous brands, etc.) will bring additional revenue to the WorldOfSnake project.

2023 Q2 A WorldOfSnake blockchain will be created to invite developers of new game projects to work together on the further developments of the WorldOfSnake ecosystem, collaborate on user / player acquisition, marketing, game monetization, improved functionality, lower transaction costs, and more. Term ~ 12 months, constantly evolving.

It is also planned to introduce fantastic features not yet seen in any other games or projects that we do not intend to reveal in this document. We will disclose the special functionality to WorldOfSnake (WOS coin) holders and partners 2-3 weeks before the launch of the respective feature, so WOS holders and WorldOfSnake partners will be able to plan earnings from the price increase of WOS, which is predicted after the announcement and implementation of these special features and opportunities.

WorldOfSnake crypto holders will be able to sell part of their WOS during a private/secret sale. This act will not compromise the project and/or WOS price, neithe it will create a panic or doubts regarding the sale of large quantities of WOS: A private group chat will be set up for WOS crypto holders where they can discuss and engage in selling part or all of their WOS. It is very plausible to believe that other members of the WorldOfSnake Investors Club will be interested to buy WOS from another club member who is wishing to sell.

A special NFT collection will be created for members of the WorldOfSnake Investors Club. Holders of these NFTs will have special privileges. These NFTs are expected to have a correspondingly high value similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

Hello World Of Snake gamers!

We hope you are enjoying the experience so far and we appreciate your patience. World Of Snake team would like to thank you all for taking part in the game and would like to mention that we are fully aware of all reported and discovered bugs and are actively working towards correcting the minor issues, we also welcome any user discovered bugs or glitches which will allow us to get World Of Snake to a more satisfactory level of user experience.

As you may know already, this is the Beta version, the tech team started this project in feb 2021 and is working around the clock conctantly adding updates.

World Of Snake Final version is expected to be available on 1st September 2022, this release date is provisional and will be available if all goes according to plan but as you know when it comes to building such software there is always a chance of delays and/or other minor issues.

User reported bugs : You can inform us of any bugs or issues here And the team will look into it at their earliest convenience.

What does the future hold for WorldOfSnake?

  • Expected growth of the users / players (currently almost 100k registered users):
  • 500k-1.5mln

    by 30/07/2022 (launch of marketing campaign in Pakistan and UAE)

  • 10-15 million

    by 31/12/2022 (marketing development in PAK, UAE, CAN, NG, UG)

  • 30-50 million

    by 30/06/ 2023 (marketing development in the US and South America)

  • Up to 100 million

    by 31/12/2023 (worldwide marketing development)